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In order to solve the global problems like supplies-reduction in natural resources and food , climate changes, etc., the sustainable development of the ocean has been laid hope on increasingly. As a certain big volume is essential for the real effect on every problem, the industory-based activity would be necessary. The existing ocean industries such as fishery, shipping, offshore oil & gas industry, shipbuilding, etc. hold good human resources and specific infrastructures now, and have built up their own technologies, skills, experiences over many years. Based on such resources, and making collaborations among the conventional industries, it is expected that some new business to solve the global problems will emerge and hopefully a new ocean industry will grow. Our researches are aimed at the new business producing. Technical feasibilities of novel proposals which will, we believe, contribute to the progress of human society are pursued, and social-economical issues are addressed with every branch of knowledge. At present, our interests are system for; CO2 capture & storage in the field of ocean, deep ocean mining, mobile power supply to very deep water, ultra-deep ocean drilling, etc.


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2019/04/09 OISTER website has been redesigned